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SugarBud is an Alberta based publicly traded cannabis company focused on growing hand-crafted, select-batch, ultra-premium bud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Investor FAQs


Why invest with SugarBud?

SugarBud is a unique opportunity to grow with a premium brand.

We have a comprehensive business plan focused on the cultivation, extraction and distribution of high-quality cannabis.

We have the financial stability and our future is secure.

Help us write our future.

What percentage do the management and directors own?

Management and directors own approximately 17% of the outstanding common shares.

We are all invested because we believe in what we’re doing.

When will you have your growing facility open and operating?

We’ve completed the construction of phase 1 of our facility in Stavely, Alberta. We’ve just moved in and are installing growing equipment. 

We anticipate getting our cultivation license in Q2, 2019, at which point we will start growing in our first two grow rooms. We plan to equip the remaining six grow rooms and get them into production by the end of 2019. Construction of Phase 2 will begin in the fall of this year.

Phase 1 by the numbers:
8 grow rooms
17,800 square feet of floor plate
32,768 square feet of flowering canopy
13,926 – 16,384 kgs of dried cannabis production per year


Phase 2 by the numbers:
8 grow rooms
26,000 square feet of floor plate
48,152 square feet of flowering canopy
20,890 – 24,576 kgs of dried cannabis production per year

When will you open your first retail store?

We have scouted a number of potential locations. Our plan is to enter non-binding leases, conditional upon getting our distribution license.

We’re also evaluating potential partnerships with existing, licensed retail stores.

Bottom line: We don’t know the date quite yet, but a retail store is in our future. Stay tuned.

Tell us about your current financial situation.

We have secured a non-dilutive secured credit facility for up to $5 million with Pillar Capital Corp.

We had an over-subscribed $8.25 million offering in March 2018 and a fully subscribed rights offering in September 2018.

When do you expect to have sold your oil and gas assets?

They’re sold. In January 2019, we entered into an agreement to sell our assets for $1.75 million. This cash infusion solidifies our financial stability as we finish building our facility and start growing.

How do I invest in SugarBud?

You can purchase shares through a stockbroker or bank that provides brokerage services.


Our Investor Relations contact is:
Gary Perkins, President
Tekkfund Capital Corp.
Tel: (416) 882-0020