Our Philosophy

Be part of the brand that will define quality and value for those that appreciate the finer things in life.

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Our Philosophy

We recognize that our customers have diverse interests and are exploring new ways to enrich their everyday experiences.

We understand that in order to make a difference and truly change the narrative on legal cannabis in Canada we must earn a place in our customers daily lives.

There’s excitement in our voice because we’re passionate about what we do, and we love sharing what we grow.

We believe that superior quality cannabis products can make a difference.

We Take Pride, We Take Our Time

Our Process

Sugarbud is passionate about great cannabis and fully committed to our customers satisfaction. Everything we do is about achieving the highest quality. Starting with exceptional genetics and utilising the best nutrients and environmental conditions possible, our plants are diligently and expertly maintained to maximize bud expression and the full potential of each cultivar.

We pay close attention to the details and pride ourselves on delivering a top-quality product experience each and every time. Hand harvested, hang dried and cold barrel cured for up to 28 days - our signature dry and curing process allows our flower to reach its full potential - preserving and enhancing the flavor rich terpenes and potency in every bud.

Meticulously hand finished and hand packed - we take our time with every gram to ensure an exceptional first impression.

Sugarbud Products

Our Craft Cannabis Collection

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The Sugarbud “House Style” places an emphasis on beautiful dense, spongey, sticky buds – rich terpene forward aromas and smooth balanced flavors that are sure delight the most discerning of cannabis consumers.

We invite you to explore the Sugarbud Craft Cannabis Collection and Experience the Difference.