Our Story

Be part of the brand
that will define quality.

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Our Story

Here is your chance to help us build something exceptional.

In the past year we built a great team, raised $16 million of capital, completed a change of business with the TSX-V, acquired a late stage ACMPR applicant, entered into a commitment letter with Farm Credit Canada, built a world-class cannabis cultivation facility, submitted our Health Canada attestation video,  and advanced our retail distribution strategy. 

Buckle-up, this is just the beginning. 


Our Process

We start with top-tier genetics from our 400+ strain library.

We grow in small indoor growing rooms, which maximizes control over the cultivation environment.

We grow hydroponically, which accelerates crop cycles and increases yields.

We grow vertically with up to four layers of flowering canopy in our 28’ high grow rooms, which maximizes revenue and minimizes capital costs per square foot.

SugarBud Products

Our hand-crafted cannabis

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What will we grow? 

Think indicas, sativas, and designer hybrids with a wide variety of terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

Think dense sticky buds with beautiful colours and rich aromas.

Whether a person is looking to make their day better or wants more restful nights, Sugarbud will offer a variety of tailored, full-spectrum experiences.